Here are a few recent testimony quotes that I wanted to share from those that bought and installed the 55D Springs on their 2011-12 Mustangs that posted on the Brembo50.com message board:

“The 55D springs does just what it suppose to do , keeps the stock ride with a small ride height change in the back of the car to even the air gaps out over the front and rear tires. Thank You, you did a great job with the springs !!!”

“Its hard to believe that that small lowering amount makes any difference but it seems to.” Thanks for all your hard work, it really show that you want to make a difference for all of us.

“The results are great. The car sits with less noticeable rake and feels more taught and solid.”


“I just wanted to let you know these are a great solution! I did not want a slammed ill riding, handling in my opinion, car, fear of driveways, speed bumps, ect! I got a better handling, better looking, car without the Gabriel Hi-jacker look and no sacrifice in ride quality! THANKS for a great product!”

The 55D Spring Kit Story:

When I bought my 2011 Brembo Brake Package Mustang, I knew that it also included a totally different suspension system, than the standard GT.

The Ford Engineers designed the Brembo Suspension to work at its maximum while retaining everyday drivability.

To bring it to this level over the standard GT, Higher springs rates were used, struts and shocks were revalved and the electric power-assisted steering, (EPAS) was custom tuned to work within the parameters of the suspension, thus creating a “perfect” suspension package.

To illustrate this point, look no further than the testing done by Motor Trend magazine (Oct 2010) that took a "stock" Brembo Mustang to the "track" and achieved an average .96g in lateral acceleration and a Maximum number of 1.3g on the race course. That's "supercar" performance.

However, the one thing that disturbed me and many others was the fact that the wheel well gap between the fender and the tire was 3/4” higher in the rear than in the front. Creating an abnormal "bug like” stance.

While there are many Lowering Spring Kits currently available that can get rid of the “ugly gap” or “stance”, none of them are the "true" solution and here are the reasons why.

Slamming the car down may look cool, but it has many side effects that will hurt the Mustang's performance characteristics. Lowering the Mustang more than 1" will change the suspension geometry, which will require other components to correct it. Control Arm angles change, and its arc motion become limited vertically. Camber/Caster angles go beyond what factory specifications and parts can handle. Super high spring rates will add to your traction loss off the line and may lead to snap oversteer in the corners, not to mention that the ride quality of the car will go to hell.

If you don't believe this, then look no further than Ford's very own 2012 Boss 302 Program. These cars are designed as a true dual purpose “track/street car”, and yet they do not even use Ford Racing's current offering of the 5300-K or P Lowering Kits, made by Eibach.


Instead, the Boss 302 uses the same "spring heights" as the current production Brembo Mustang with slightly higher working spring rates that never exceed 200lbs.

Some will argue, that they have all the “trick suspension” from what the aftermarket sells and that their suspension will perform “better than stock”.

While this may be true for an all out “road race mustang” or if you do a lot of “autocross” events, it’s not true for the majority of Mustang Owners.

The aftermarket Industry has done a fantastic marketing job, convincing 98% of Mustang Owners, that they NEED to have these parts in order to have "high performance".

But lost in all this hype is the simple fact that the majority of Mustangs never see “racing conditions”. With that said, why would these Mustang Owners want to compromise their finely tuned factory suspension system, sacrifice their ride quality and of course, lighten their wallets with the continuous need for other suspension components that are not practical for most Mustang Owners who do everyday driving.

After a year of researching spring rates, blueprints, talking to engineers, racers, and mustang owners, I finally had a set of goals to aim for.

I wanted to retain the factory ride quality, I wanted the suspension to perform the same or better and most importantly I had to have the correct and equal stance that the factory didn’t give the Mustang.

Working with a major U.S. spring manufacturer, we utilized several computer programs to design and test my new spring. Finally, real world testing of prototype springs were put on vehicles to test in real word driving conditions on the mean streets and highways of Southern California.

 All the work culminated, into the Route 66 Speed Shop 55D Spring Kit specifically designed for the 2011-2012 Brembo Package Mustangs. This kit has many advantages.  

First, it lowers the rear end of the car by 1/2” and gives the Mustang a much lower and equal stance with a very slight rake.

Second, The Lowered Spring height also equalizes the “center of gravity” front to rear for improved handling, thus allowing the car to feel "flatter" going into corners and provides confidence to the driver at the wheel.

Third, the Brembo Suspension System has not been compromised due to the fact that the OEM Spring Rates are still retained and continue to be tuned to the OEM struts and shocks.

Finally, because the
Route 66 Speed Shop 55D Spring Kit only consists of rear springs, there is no need to have the front end re-aligned. There is no need to buy expensive adjustable struts and shocks to soften the rebound. There is no need to buy new strut mounts. There is no need to purchase aftermarket camber/caster plates. There is also no need to buy an adjustable panhard bar, because the rear end doesn’t shift due to the fact that the car  hasn’t been lowered beyond 7/8” of an inch.

 So there you have it, the Route 66 Speed Shop 55D Spring Kit, gives your Brembo Mustang,

The Ride, the Look and the Performance, without the headaches.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! --- Andy M.

$149.99 USA / $169.99 CAN 




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